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A personal trainers about us page about his services and his accomplishments.

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Sidhu Fitness -
Fitness Coaching & Online Coaching 

this image talks about a fitness coach based in Heathrow West London about his journey in losing weight and building muscle, also talks about his clients success stories.

Meet your fitness coach

Whether performing at the highest level of personal training, establishing ourselves as one of West London’s body transformations personal trainer, or creating a unique company such as Sidhu Fitness, the one thing that has always remained constant is our passion to excel. We are committed to providing a personal training service that offers a life changing experience for those clients who truly embrace the opportunity. 
From up to 10 years of personal training experience in just about every possible gym environment you could imagine, it has been our burning passion to provide a private personal training at our private gym studio facility that offers fun, challenging, and highly effective ways to train clients. Just as importantly though, in an atmosphere that is friendly, supportive and inspiring. I hope to make each clients experience with us one that will have a profound impact on the rest of their lives, and look forward to seeing them achieve their fitness goals.

Sidhu Fitness the game changer for personal training

A personal trainer with up to10 years of experience coaching amateur boxers, semi-professional footballers and many other professional looking to get into shape.

Sidhu Fitness have completed over 100 body transformation from fat loss, muscle gain and muscle toning programmes. Sidhu Fitness consist a programme which included nutrition and supplement plan that help you take and enjoy your fitness to another level. 

We offer clients a personal training service like no other and at a reasonable price, we are very flexible we are also mobile/online personal trainers with a wide range of experience and knowledge.

We have built our reputation on results as you view you will stumble across some of the amazing work my clients have done on the body transformation gallery.

This pictures talks about a private gym owner based in heathrow west london where he does personal training from.


From all my years of working as a personal trainer the one thing that I tell all my clients when they are pushing for a new change in their life is “ BE CONSISTENT AND BE PATIENT” this has helped many of my clients translate their work ethic with me in other aspects of their life.

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